Keeping up with the Jones’

I’m not sure if I can keep up with the events of the past year.

Mama the matriarch was up in her game
LSW means to her go out and crack open our beautiful youth
letting them shine bright on their own terms and time.
All the LGBTQ+ rainbow lights her practice, along with heart for all.
Still guiding our spectacular teenage-trio through their day is another box on the list.
There is a focus on health with an occasional deadlift to keep the bones built up.
Creative outlets cropping up here and there.

What about a creative soul with 19 years in the bag … ?
Olivia can tell you what, after ringing the bells on high school last spring.
Her motor didn’t stop with a mortar board she went into the world of nail tech but
she needed time to fine tune and that she is doing daily.
Hard work and self love.
Olivia + Brandon is what we live on the FaceTime during her Maplewood-Bronxian duet.

A loud blast brings on 18 years of Cooper who’s adventures never end.
Friends abound as he plods his way through his Senior year with a driver’s license close behind.
His energy and focus for all things on the rails both model and transport remains unwavering
combined with watching his favorite sports teams …
not a sentence goes by that does not embrace these passions.

15 and in hiding describes the life of Ruby
she would like high school to disappear like poof a high yielding career to take its place.
Her friends are her favorite along with Doreen, she remains indifferent to the rest.
Late at night her personality comes out as does her desire for her own bathroom.
Neither of which will see the light of day!

This year I have enjoyed working on the gorgeous musical MJ …
while filling my creative cup with some other projects …
I watched Tony Goldwyn & Savion Glover team up on a redux of the musical Pal Joey.
I reunited with the theatrical force Tina Landau on the upcoming musical Transparent.
I started tossing around some mud in a pottery studio. Its been a full of fun year.

Our home remains open … but not for the feint of heart … or those with animal allergies …
but open for sure and full of LOVE.