Social Media Crack-Down


A new year, welcome to 2015.

I thought a lot about making resolutions and most typical resolutions are just plain unrealistic for me. I just enjoy food and alcohol much more than I enjoy exercise & learning languages. I am probably not going to write as much as I would like to and I fall asleep really fast at night so reading more before bed is out of the question. So I have decided to clear out the social clutter in order to make room for social quality, by that I mean the social media. I have never kept track of the hours I’ve spent trolling through news feeds or assessing who “likes” what that I post, but trust me when I say its too many hours and fills up my already maxed out brain. So I have suspended my social media services to try to break to “habit” of checking my phone for that little red notification circle that could be a request to play Candy Crush or could be somebody reaching out to validate my latest status. I don’t suspect this will last forever since I do enjoy the shenanigans of my family but I have to re-set myself.

So part one is easy, de-activate and remove the apps from my mobile devices. Then I am faced with the harder part, “social quality”. Making a call or sending an e-mail to see if I can make plans to see friends. This is a difficulty for me to be sure, since I am drawn to being social introvert. I’ll need to read the paper so I can choose my news instead of my news feed choosing what is important for me to see. I work in the theatre so “trends” are always swirling around, I just need to bother listening to what is being said, although I’m afraid the cast of the new show I’m doing, Fish In The Dark, is much less likely to be on the cutting edge of Trending than the kids at Motown. Its all pretty exciting and does give me additional opportunities to fulfill the odd resolution, but I think I’ll keep those ideas to myself and see how this un-plugging goes first.

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